StS easyFLEX firebox

We present our firebox from the re-established prefabrication workshop.

Rafal Batosz is employed to run our prefabrication workshop at Midtun in Bergen. Read more about Rafal here: Responsible for the prefabrication workshop- meet Rafal

He is already in production and here you will hear and read a little about our firebox.

Listen to the presentation here:

The Solution

In projects that we have now, there is a need for lots of fire boxes in combination with other solutions for fire protection. StS uses a Favuseal solution that has material with very good properties. We use Favuseal plus x3M matt which makes the box both thermal and fire protective.

The materials

The materials have thin layers which is an advantage. Most are 5-8 mm which is a big advantage because in many of the workplaces we are now both offshore and other places it is quite cramped with plugs and valves. Then it is a great advantage that we do not need to build in 50-60mm thickness, it holds with 12 mm total thickness with X3M mat.

Now we can see a little more what the material looks like, here you have the plastic / rubber plate which is Favuseal and it is exactly 3mm and it is quite flexible and easy to work with.

So to cover valves and flanges we use boxes – and here you have a fire box.

Here is an example of the first step where we make a box with 0-7 mm tin with 3.16 stainless. Then in step 2 we put Favuseal in the box. Then there are other layers of X3M mat that come in addition. Then we connect and the box is ready.

Soon we will present the actual production process. So stay tuned!