Silver OBS recognition-Always Safe

Silver OBS recognition June 2022- Always Safe

Vår Energi awards recognition to StS employee Nikita Suslov.

Always Safe

Nikita Suslov receives recognition from Vår Energi

Nikita receives a payment as a sign of Vår Energi’s gratitude for the effort!

Nikita noticed a loose flange on the deck near an oversized opening. The flange was removed to avoid a dropped object scenario.

This shows that Nikita is concerned with safety in his everyday work and has therefore won the Production Operations Silver award for June 2022!

Nikita himself says that he was a little frightened when he found a flange lying on the doorknob.

Work colleagues think Nikita is very good at observing undesirable conditions. Furthermore, that he is a conscientious colleague and a good ambassador for StS in the project.

As an employer, we are very proud of the fantastic effort Nikita and our other employees make every day!

The “Always Safe” learning package for Q3 is precisely “From observation to action” where the aim is to strengthen safe work at height and prevent falling objects.

Earlier in July, we presented the case “Always Safe-Q3 Learning Package”. Read more about this case here: Always Safe- Q3 Learning package