Portrait – Johan Kristian Dahl

Johan Kristian Dahl

Who are you?

I am Johan Kristian Dahl, 55 years old. Worked as Project Manager for the discipline Rope Access Technique last 15 Years. Started out in StS in 1993 as Scaffolder and then later as an Rope Access Technique Supervisor. Started to work for AGR / Oceaneering in 2007 as Rope Access Manager and have now just returned to StS.

What do you do?

Ensure the safety of everyone who works at height, organize procedures within the company in an understandable and easy way so that everyone can easily follow them.

Find good and secure solutions for new projects, prepare work plans for the individual jobs.

Follow up employees in the various projects, assist with good and secure solutions.

What project are you on now and how is it progressing?

The first project is to familiarize myself with the company’s own procedures, establish contact with the Rope Access site supervisors. Get to know everyone who works with Rope Access in the company. Get an overview of the various projects in progress.

What are your dreams?

 To get a good tribe of Rope Access personnel who can pull the load with me. Further develop the Rope Access profession and get the best group of Rope Access personnel in the world.