Passed trade test in scaffolding! – Portrait of Steffen Mundal

At StS, we have a strong focus on securing a qualified workforce with professional weight and competence for the future. StS is an approved apprenticeship company and invests a lot of time in conducting training of young people and considers it part of our social responsibility. We are concerned that the apprentice should increase his competence through practical work in projects and professional follow-up.

Steffen Mundal has been employed by StS since November 2011 when he started in the scaffolding department and on to the habitat department. He has become a senior habitat fitter quickly, and the department is very happy with him. His understanding of solving the challenges of habitat installation was quickly noticed. Steffen was invested in and is today a Senior habitat fitter. His willingness and knowledge to solve challenges is unique.

Recently, Steffen passed the exam in scaffolding.

A greeting from colleagues “It is always a pleasure to work with Steffen”

Steffen is the son of Bjørn Mundal who started the StS adventure for the first time already in 1980!

He is a good role model for all employees in StS including his own son.

We had a little chat with Steffen.

Skilled Scaffolder

Steffen Mundal passed trade test in scaffolding

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am 32 years old and live in Bergen. Started my career in the construction industry as a carpenter. After 4 years in the profession, I wanted new challenges and a different rotation. Got a job at StS in 2011 and has worked there ever since. I work with habitat and scaffolding and recently took a certificate in scaffolding. In my free time I am busy as a new dad and building my own house.

What are your most important tasks and what is exciting about your job?

My most important tasks are to get the jobs done in a safe and efficient way. Security is extremely important. I work varied, everything from building hanging scaffolding 40 meters above sea level, taking care of overpressure habitat and participating in rig jobs.

I like to work physically, solution-oriented and creatively. Both work with habitat and scaffolding requires creative thinking. The coolest thing about the job is working at heights!

What are your dreams?

I have a dream of working with access technology because I enjoy working at heights. I find it exciting and challenging!