Key personnel during the year’s logistics operation

About 50 scaffold-fitters in ‘StS Group’ played a key role during ‘Transocean Leader’s’ short but intense maintenance assignment at ‘CCB’ at Agotnes in September – October.

The semi-submersible rig ‘Transocean Leader’ was at ‘Coast Center Base’ for classification regarding the 20th anniversary. For almost four weeks, sandblasters, painters, plumbers, divers, welders, scaffolding-fitters and other craftsmen had to prepare the rig for new challenges in the field.

The logistics operation of the year, and a sworn test for all involved suppliers. Project owner and operating manager Ronny Haufe summarizes at the ‘CCB’ rig stay, which was one of the most intense and complex ever-led at the base.

More than 500 men were involved per day. In total, over 100,000 hours worked.

‘StS Group’ the main supplier

‘StS Group’ was the main supplier of scaffolding, rigging and rope access services relating to the assignment.

For reasons of coordination and management, ‘CCB’ prefers to relate to the fewest possible subcontractors.

-Our men played a key role. All scaffolding work is very intensive. As soon as the rig arrives at the dock, all subcontractors are expected to get access, but first they must have something to stand on, says Ove Svalland, Operations Manager in the ‘StS Group’. There was not much rest for our scaffold-fitters these weeks. The 50-man went 12-hour shift to get the scaffolding in place so that other subcontractors could get started with their assignments. Without their staff’s willingness and flexibility, this would not have been possible, Svalland brags of his employees.

However, the rapid speed must not go jeopardize safety. The goal is to perform without incident or accident, although many people are involved. For the ‘StS Group’, this was a typical ad-hoc assignment. Short duration and many hours. In total, the company expects to be able to bill over 25,000 hours this month. Usually the company has two such assignments during the year.

-The assignment was a collective lift for the ‘StS Group’. The fact that the rig came in more than a week late in relation to the plan was an additional challenge. Personnel displacement made it extra difficult to succeed, says the operation manager.

-Short time slots in the rig industry are a major challenge, with corresponding high demands on the flexibility of suppliers, says Operation Manager Ronny Haufe.

 Praise to StS

-The brief time windows in the rig industry are a major challenge, with similar demands to the flexibility of suppliers. ‘StS Group’ was one of the largest subcontractors in this round. The company received the assignment based on good professional knowledge and great flexibility demonstrated over many years. They can do this. Such characteristics are the reason why they have been a partner for ‘CCB’ for a long time, “continues Ronny Haufe.

-Project management at ‘CCB’ has often been impressed with how ‘StS Group’ has managed to get things done. They have an attitude, company culture and ability to get things done. Good project managers like Svein Fromreide have a significant impact and demonstrate great ability to get the assignments done efficiently, says Haufe.

The derrick

‘StS Group’ also had responsibility for the surface treatment of the drilling tower. The top 38 meters of the tower were cut off, sat down on the pier, sandblasted and painted before it was mounted back in place. In this area, ‘StS Group’ had 15 men in action.

Classification of ‘Transocean Manager’ at ‘CCB’ means more than 100,000 hours of working hours in four weeks. ‘StS Group’ was one of the main suppliers.