New framework agreement for access technique

StS has signed a framework agreement with BIR Ressurs AS for access technique and safety management services!

The agreement applies from 16/02/2023 and runs until 15/02/2027. The scope of work mainly consists of cleaning BIR’s two incinerators and preparing them for further work. This means removing loose ash and loose brick/tiles from the walls and ceiling of the combustion chamber before further maintenance work begins. The purpose of the work is to prevent falling objects for workers who will be working in the ovens.


BIR Energyplant in Rådalen

BIR carries out maintenance of their two incinerators once a year. These usually occur during audit shutdowns at the plant in May and September for each of the two combustion lines. Each audit stop is approx. 2-3 weeks, and the amount of work depends on the condition of the lines and the need for maintenance.

The first shutdown in 2023 is planned to take place from 13 April. When the incinerator has cooled down after two days, StS will mobilize a TT team that plans arrival and carries out rough cleaning before other professional disciplines arrive.

This is an important agreement for StS. It is in our local market and fits in very well with our strategy of being a preferred supplier to the local industry. For several years, StS has carried out assignments for the BIR at their energy plant in Rådalen. Read our latest reference case here:

Industrial rope access at Energy plant

Our expertise and more than 50 years of experience have contributed to us having the right mix of expertise and local personnel who can solve challenges in the vast majority of environments.

StS’s course center at Midttun in Bergen is a gathering place for the industry’s professional community, particularly within access technology. Our course leaders understand the industry and the environment, and they alternate between holding courses and being out on assignments themselves. This is a good combination, as they are constantly updated on the various challenges in various projects.

The assignment is initially challenging in relation to access, but at the same time this can give our access technicians the opportunity to use their varied experience to optimize the implementation with regard to both safety and costs. A win-win situation for the client and StS.

We look forward to finding the best solutions for the access challenges posed by the assignments.