Meet one of our course leaders- Thomas Gundersen

We had a chat with Thomas Gundersen in the StS training center at Midttun in Bergen.

He tells a little about what he works on and what it is like to work with access technique in StS.

See the interview here:

My name is Thomas and I work in StS as a safety supervisor and course leader. I hold courses in rope access technique and rigging.

Rope AccessCourse leader Thomas GundersenMy most important tasks are training new personnel and recertification of personnel we already have both externally and internally.

Working with access technique means a varied working day with many different tasks where we work in places where it is complicated for others to get to, or it is too expensive to build scaffolding.

One reason for working with access technology in StS could be that the working environment is very good. There are short lines between those of us who work in operations and the management.

In a way, you don’t become a number in a row but part of a community.

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