Frosio Surface award to CEO Ingrid Solheim

The winner of the FROSIO surface award Overflate 2022 was awarded during the conference Overflatedagene 2022 by FROSIO Chairman Trond Soltvedt

The winner of the FROSIO surface award Overflate 2022 was awarded during the conference Overflatedagene 2022 by FROSIO Chairman Trond Soltvedt. He says;

The winner has been concerned with the surface subject for a number of years. She has promoted the subject in several different arenas and has given presentations at various conferences about the challenges of recruitment within the surface subject. She holds several positions in employer organizations. Among other things, chairman of the Corrosion Contractors’ Association, board member of the Corrosion, Insulation and Scaffolding Contractors Association (KIS), chairman of Norsk Industri Vestlandet, is on the representative board of Norsk Industri and is a delegate to the general meeting of NHO. She is also on KIS’s work committee for a responsible working life.

Through her various roles, she has always focused on the challenges faced by the surface industry, and she is passionately concerned with the importance of having a serious and responsible working life in Norway.

Her passionate commitment to this group has been noticed in the industry and has largely contributed to an increased focus on the challenges the subject has with recruitment.

Frosio Surface Award 2022

Frosio Surface award to CEO Ingrid Solheim

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Statutes for the FROSIO awards:


  • The FROSIO award is a specialist award within surface and insulation which is awarded as 2 awards, one within surface and one within Insulation.
  • Awarded annually in connection with the SURFACE conference in Bergen by a committee consisting of representatives from the FROSIO board, FROSIO member companies, KEF and Maling & lakk.
  • The prize can go to, for example, individuals, companies, certification bodies, departments in public bodies, schools etc.
  • Candidates can be nominated by all members of FROSIO within a given deadline.
  • Candidates who are proposed must have made a solid effort that promotes development in the subjects of surface and/or insulation.
  • The person proposing the candidate/candidates must justify their proposal when the candidate is proposed.The award is an honorable industry recognition shown by a plaque, diploma and a cash prize of NOK 10,000.Managing director of StS, Ingrid Solheim, received the award and says she is humbled and proud of this recognition. It gives inspiration to continue the work, which she believes is more important than ever and challenges the entire industry to pull together to ensure that we have the national competence to carry out ISO projects in Norway with Norwegian contractors.

The sum of money is donated to Bodø upper secondary school, which has the country’s only line for the industrial painting subject and is earmarked for the industrial painting subject.