2007: Establishment of a subsidiary in the UK

First oversea establishment

Recruitment of skilled professionals will characterize everyday life for StS Resources & Technology Ltd., as well as getting a firm hold of the market. The first overseas establishment is a fact. September 1, CEO Paul Hancock officially opened the doors of StS Resources & Technology Ltd. In Middlesbrough. Until the end of the year, he will build an organization with 20-30 skilled workers within rigging and TT, but other disciplines will also be added eventually.

Middlesbrough is in the heart of industrial England, strategically located between London and Aberdeen.

Many possibilities

Half of StS sales comes from offshore assignments. Why not choose Aberdeen? CEO Arvid Jensen explains that StS Resources & Technology mainly will address the process industry. The traditional yard and process industry characterizes the Middlesbrough region. Local authorities have recently initiated comprehensive projects in the field of employment and facilitation for industry establishments.

-An ideal starting point for a company like StS Gruppen. We have the competence to undertake assignments in the heavy industry, oil and gas, chemical industry and construction, «Hancock notes.

Vocational training

In the Middlesbrough area, there are many qualified professionals. StS will bring in highly specialized professionals who can form the backbone of the new organization.

For unskilled students, StS can contribute with both education and employment. StS Resources & Technology can undertake to certify unskilled workers to perform certain work operations.

-StS has ambitions put forward a considerate effort in this area, says Hancock.


Even the CEO of StS Resources & Technology started working as a rigger. He has also worked many years with heavy lifting operations, mainly offshore. The leader role will be a natural place in the career.

-My strength is that I know the industry, have an extensive network and focus on human resources,» says Paul Hancock.

-Furthermore, he emphasizes the ability to put together teams with the right skills in relation to the job to be performed. When the team is properly composed and everybody can work with what they are good at, the tasks will also go faster, he says.

-I look at this task as a continuation of my career in the industry and in StS. At the same time, there are fantastic opportunities, Hancock adds.

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