Vibeke Haram – Portrait

Vibeke Haram

Who are you?

Vibeke Haram, 43 years, Head of Payroll in StS gruppen since 2013. I have education from the Norwegian hotel college within HR and management and part time studies in HR management from NHH Executive. Have worked many years in the hotel industry with various tasks and with salary and accounting since 2003. I have worked in the oil service industry since 2007.

I have a partner and 3 children of 9, 12 and 15 years respectively.


What do you do?

I mainly work with payroll tasks and am responsible for the payroll payment in the company, which now has about 400 employees. My main tasks are to secure the payroll process and secure correct payroll, as well as reporting and follow-up to the authorities.

Within the area of payroll, major changes have been made in recent years, such as the introduction of electronic tax cards and reporting to the authorities monthly. This has required conversion, new routines and system setup, but has been an exciting time!


What project are you on now and how is it progressing?

The overall view is that many thinks that payroll is a small matter. In a company with over 400 employees, it is a demanding process both before, during and after the payroll is finalized. We are 2 employees at the wage department and both spend a lot of time on the actual completion before payment can be made. In addition to this, we have preparatory tasks and follow-up / post-reporting.

In recent years, the company has invested in various systems to streamline work tasks. For the wage and finance department, the introduction of the iCore time keeping system has been very positive and a time-saving tool. For the employees, this is a system that offers great opportunities for self-control of time travel, holiday and man-years.

As an employee in the wage department, we get a lot of contact with employees outside the administration, which is nice and important for the job we do.


What are your dreams?

With a busy schedule involving 3 children, a job and a man working offshore, i have no leisure problems. The follow-up of 3 active girls is time consuming, but also very rewarding! So, at the moment, work and family life work very well!