Rigging and transport

Rigging assignments since 1977

StS has carried out rigging assignments since 1977. StS is a large provider of rigging services in Norway. Among StS’s riggers, interdisciplinary expertise is common – e.g. as scaffolding engineer, rope access technician, signal man or crane operator.

Riggers have a major responsibility regarding work preparations as well as execution of the operation. Safety assessment and planning, securing the area, equipment control, weight and balance calculations, choice of and any changes to attachment points and coordination of the work in terms of colleagues and other specialist personnel are just some of the areas a rigger is responsible for.


Business area:

  • Lifting operations
  • Signaling
  • Forklift truck operation
  • Project management
  • Multidiscipline personnel
  • Crane


StS are a certified enterprise of competence in accordance with the training certificate regulations concerning the use of work equipment Best.No 555 (§ 58)


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