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Rigging assignments since 1977

StS has carried out rigging assignments since 1977. StS is a large provider of rigging services in Norway. Among StS’s riggers, interdisciplinary expertise is common – e.g. as scaffolding engineer, rope access technician, signal man or crane operator.

Riggers have a major responsibility regarding work preparations as well as execution of the operation. Safety assessment and planning, securing the area, equipment control, weight and balance calculations, choice of and any changes to attachment points and coordination of the work in terms of colleagues and other specialist personnel are just some of the areas a rigger is responsible for.


Business area:

  • Lifting operations
  • Signaling
  • Forklift truck operation
  • Project management
  • Multidiscipline personnel
  • Crane


StS are a certified enterprise of competence in accordance with the training certificate regulations concerning the use of work equipment Best.No 555 (§ 58)

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njord sts

The Njord field was built with a floating steel platform called Njord A. The platform was originally delivered by Kvaerner in September 1997. The deck was fabricated and assembled on Stord, while Verdal delivered the hull.

About the project

StS has followed the Njord A platform throughout the entire life cycle.

Njord A was the first EPC contract on the Norwegian continental shelf after Norsok was implemented in the mid 90’s. The contract was signed on April 1, 1995. The first steel plate was cut nine weeks later, and the rig left the yard August 7, 1997 – only 28 months later. Njord A started oil production 30 September the same year.

StS delivered scaffolding services and rigging services to Kværner during the construction, both at Stord and Verdal. StS continued deliveries in the hook-up phase. When the installation came into operation, StS won a maintenance contract.

StS got renewed confidence from Statoil and won a contract for complete ISS services for Njord A in 2003. Until 2010, we delivered maintenance and modification offshore. StS was responsible for scaffolding and rope access technology, welding habitats, insulation, surface treatment, passive fire protection and engineering.

The maintenance and modification contract with Aibel for Njord A was one of the first deliveries with total responsibility for ISS subjects for StS. It was carried out without any warranty cases.

In 2012, Statoil implemented a comprehensive maintenance and modification campaign at Njord A to facilitate extended service life. StS assisted in changing the platform deck frame. During the project period, 170 StS operators were in rotation within the disciplines insulation, scaffolding, surface protection, rope access technology, work management and coordination of activities on board.

In 2016, StS carried out assignments related to access technology, rigging and scaffolding at Kværner Stord at Njord A / Future. The scope included removal of the flare-tower and parts of the derrick. By October 2017, more than 117,000 hours were produced without harm or serious incidents.

The success factor in this project has been good recruitment routines, flexibility towards the customer and close customer follow-up of project management.

StS  has received very good feedback from Kværner for the job performed.

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Prosjekt: Njord
Klient: Kværner, Aibel (Statoil)
Varighet: 1997 ->
Disiplin: Isolasjon, stillas, overflatebeskyttelse, tilkomstteknikk, habitat, rigging


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