Surface Protection

Surface Protection

Surface Protection

Surface Protection

StS takes care of the total need within corrosion protection – from technical condition, planning and execution, to project management, procurement and waste management. Corrosion poses a significant maintenance risk and we are constantly working to further develop solutions that meet the challenges associated with service life extension, efficiency and HSE.

Quality control

To achieve a long-lasting surface coating, there are many factors that need to be in place. Requirements for climatic conditions and overpainting intervals must be complied with, and the right equipment used. To ensure quality in accordance with the customer’s specified requirements, StS uses certified surface inspectors and qualified professionals to lead and control the work in all important phases.

Business area:

  • Blow cleaning/painting
  • Surface protection of tanks
  • Tank paint
  • Multidiscipline personnel
  • Deck coating
  • Metallization
  • Inspection NS 476 (FROSIO) and quality follow-up
  • Planning and project implementation
  • Engineering services


Passive fire protection

StS is an experienced provider of services and products within passive fire protection. We assist with method selection, dimensioning, planning and project management.

Business area:

  • Epoxy-based systems
  • Method selection
  • Inspection and quality follow-up NS 476
  • Planning and project implementation


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Do you want to work as an industry painter? We talked to Gisle Selbak who is responsible for surface in StS about why work with surface treatment.

What does it mean to work with surface treatment?

Industrial painters’ main task is to perform corrosion protection on steel, metal and concrete in various environments. The bulk of the professional group is related to work in the heavier engineering industry in Norway. It is involved all over the country in both small and medium-sized mechanical companies and in large industrial and maintenance projects.

Why work with surface protection?

An industrial painter can be employed in land-based industries such as the construction industry, in the shipbuilding industry and in oil-based activities. This provides opportunities in many different workplaces both on land and offshore.

Why work with surface treatment in StS?

StS is constantly looking for more employees and with us you get to work in a good working environment with good development opportunities. We are an approved training company and have trained professional competence for almost 50 years.

There will be a great need for skilled industrial painters in the years to come.

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Selected reference

Neptune energy- GJØA

ISO Offshore GJØA

Scope of work

In December 2018, StS signed a ISS contract with Neptune Energy Norge AS for Operations & Maintenance on the Gjøa platform and potential assignments for other projects in Neptun`s portfolio.

Gjøa is a floating platform for processing and transport of Oil and Gas. Gjøa has its own operation and maintenance organization offshore. They carry out daily operations and maintenance tasks themselves, but need help with on-and-off insulation, paint campaigns, surface treatment, habitat construction, as well as scaffolding work for Maintenance and Inspection assignments and Modifications.

The scope includes on- and offshore insulation, scaffolding and surface protection (ISS) services related to the Gjøa Platform and include specialized rope access services, ISS related engineering, planning activities, supply of ISS related equipment and materials, on- and offshore related engineering support, habitat for offshore hot-work, offshore prefabrication, cleaning of surfaces and (chemical) tanks offshore, coordination of ISS services and Interface coordination.

StS also perform on the NOVA project.  The approx. 800-ton module will, in 2020, be lifted on board Neptune Energy’s Gjøa platform, enabling production from the nearby Nova field. The project is estimated to be completed in 2021.

StS’s scope of work is preparation of the area for lifting at Gjøa This includes general ISS services including insulation removal and Chartec (fire protection) as well as insulation and application of new Chartec, rigging, habitat and Rope access.

Offshore startup for DUVA and P1 projects is 01.01.2020. Duva (formerly Cara) and Gjøa P1 will be in production around the turn of the year 2020/2021 and will be linked to the Gjøa platform.

The projects will deliver a total of 120 million barrels of oil equivalents, distributed between 32 million barrels on Gjøa P1 and 88 million barrels on Duva. The projects will be able to deliver 30,000 barrels per day and 24,000 barrels per day at the maximum level, respectively.


We constantly receive good feedback on the work we perform and our good HSE results. It makes us so happy! Since signing the ISO contract in December 2018, we have had a great collaboration with our customer Neptune Energy Norge AS!

StS has performed various operation and maintenance assignments on, among other things, the Gjøa platform and we are currently working on preparations for Shutdown 4, which started in mid-April. The shutdown lasts for 4 weeks and the work involves hogging / applying Chartec, insulating pipes / valves and building scaffolding. There is still a lot of work left and we look forward to a long and good customer relationship with Neptune Energy!

Project: Gjøa
Client: Neptune Energy
Duration: 2018 – 2021(2025)
Disiplin: ISS


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