Surface Protection

Surface Protection

Operation is based on maintenance principles that meet overall requirements in terms of corrosion protection – from technical condition, planning and completion to project management, procurement and waste handling.

Quality control

To ensure that the paint system performs as desired, especially in terms of water-based paint, temperature, humidity and air circulation must be at a constant level.

Pre-treatment is an essential factor in terms of the coating’s life span and corrosion protection properties. Proper cleaning and level of coarseness are important for the quality of the coating applied to the treated surface. To ensure quality in accordance with specified requirements, StS use certified surface inspectors and qualified personnel to supervise and control the work of all key stages.

Business area:

  • Surface protection of tanks
  • Metallization
  • Deck coating
  • Inspection & quality follow up NS 476 (FROSIO)
  • Project management
  • Multidisiplin personell


Passive fire protection

StS is an experienced supplier of services and products in the field of passive fire protection. We assist with method selection, dimensioning, planning and project management

Business area:

  • Cement-based systems
  • Epoxy-based systems
  • Choice of method
  • Dimensioning
  • Project management
  • Planning and project execution
  • Multidiscipline personnel
  • High ratio of workers with certificates

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Selected reference

Maersk Innovator / Maersk Inspirer

maersk sts

Frame agreement for surface treatment services. The scope includes, engineering, planning and execution.

  • Personnel to plan, co-ordinate, supervise and execute
  • Helideck, Deck area , Structure, Piping and support,
  • Equipment, materials
  • Equipment, materials, tools and working equipment
  • Storing, packing and transportation of all items and tools
  • Inspection, test and repair and certification of equipment and materials
  • Documentation

Necessary personnel, tools, materials and equipment to perform Ultra High Pressure (UHP) blasting (water), cleaning and painting (primer + top coating) according to the paint specifications for the individual offshore unit or as specified in the individual Purchase Order.

All areas were corrosion was present, the areas were detergent washed followed by fresh water to remove any oil, grease or chemicals that were present, all corrosion and loose flaky paint was removed by UHP and blasting, any loose edges that were present after UHP and blasting had taken place was removed by mechanical disking so as to prevent any lifting’s of the coating when overlapping onto sound coated areas.

Mechanical disking in areas of corrosion around cable racks. This is due to the close vicinity of the power cables to the areas were corrosion is present, were as UHP and blasting could damage the power cables.


The surface program was delivered ahead of both timeframe and budget.

Feedback from client

“Thank you very much for the good work through the campaign, well organized work when you are onboard, good communication between you, offshore and onshore, closing up the campaign. We are looking forward to see you again for the next year campaign.”

Prosjekt: Maersk Innovator / Maersk Inspirer
Klient: Maersk
Varighet: 2015 – 2017
Disiplin: ISS
Volum: MNOK 10


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