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StS offers complete insulation work in all insulation classes, on a small and large scale. In addition, StS designs and manufactures own products and tailor-made solutions for different insulation needs.

We provide goods and services in several industries, such as; offshore, ships, industry and buildings.

Business Area:

  • Thermal/Cold
  • Acoustic
  • Fire
  • Mantling
  • Prefabrication
  • Insulation jackets
  • Frosio Inspectors
  • Engineering
  • easyCAP

Selected reference

Petrojarl Knarr FPSO


StS and collaboration-partner Stenca completed the insulation scope for Petrojarl Knarr FPSO under challenging conditions and a tight schedule.

The FPSO Petrojarl Knarr arrived from South Korea for completion prior to offshore hook-up. StS was invited to complete the insulation work on board. In this project, we identified setting up and managing the work as a challenge due to the tight deadlines and share scale of work to be performed. We had little time to prepare, so in collaboration with the customer, we implemented a flat organization structure for the foremen and operator. With up to 300 operators at work each day and a requirement to be at full productivity with a couple of days we needed hands-on management in the field. Foremen were all designated full responsibility for their team and were to spend all time in the field, except for 10 minutes in the morning spent on a start-up meeting. We had 8 supervisors that were supported well by the project administration and spent only about 3 hours on administrative tasks each day. The rest of the day, they spent in the field. This gave us a hands-on management with short reporting lines and resulted in a successful project start-up and reduced NPT through the entire project.


The work was initiated during sailing of the vessel from the yard in South Korea to Norway. The engineering and preparations for carry-over work started. Our experienced engineering-team managed to prepare a scope for the insulation scaffolding and surface protection before the stay in Aibels yard in Haugesund.

Shop engineering

StS gruppen established engineering team at Aibel Yard in Haugesund. Main task was to organize the three disciplines, scaffolding surface treatment and insulation. Shop engineering played a key role in our success in this project.


Our operation unit handled 700 operators in rotation. We performed pipe and vessel insulation. Insulation jackets was  produced and installed on site. The fire insulation part of the scope was particular demanding due to limited access, tight spaces and complex layout.

StS also supplied RAT, Inspection-services and other project-,management during the yard-stay in Haugesund.

In line with our 0-injuries HSE philosophy we completed this project without any HSE incidents.


StS completed the project with an ability to plan and execute the project with a very tight schedule. The success factors in this project was hands on supervision, coordination of work and dedicated project management team. StS scalable organization documented StS well-known flexibility and capacity when rotating 700 persons with a one week’s notice.

Substitute engineered fire jackets with fireboxes on flare line

Our customer had high time pressure to fire insulate the flanges and valves on the flare-line to get the skip classified. Regarding the fire jackets the lead time was challenging and we recommended to use fireboxes instead. The total amount of boxes was 18. Our costumer accepted our recommendation and we managed to install the boxes before customer’s deadline.

Prosjekt: Petrojarl Knarr FPSO
Klient: Teekay Petrojarl (Stenca)
Varighet: Mai – november 2015
Disiplin: ISS
Volum: 700 i rotasjon


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