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easyCAP- endcapeasyCAP end termination for insulation systems

StS offers performing insulation work within all insulation classes, on small and large scale. In addition, StS designs, tests and produces its own products and tailor-made solutions for various insulation needs. We provide goods and services in several industries, such as; offshore, ships, industry and construction. The goal is to find the best energy and cost-effective solution

Business Area:

  • Thermal/Cold/Acoustic
  • Technical solutions fire
  • Mantling of pipes and ducts, metallic / non-metallic
  • Prefabrication
  • Insulation jackets certified for fire, noice and thermal
  • Frosio Inspectors
  • Engineering
  • easyCAP corrosion friendly endcap

StS easyFLEX is the brand name used for insulation products produced and marketed by the StS group. It includes a variety of products designed for a variety of scenarios, such as fire protection, soundproofing and thermal protection. All products are designed and documented for use in high-risk environments such as power plants, process and marine industries, and oil and gas installations on land and at sea. The products have been developed and tested to meet the strict requirements of the NORSOK and ISO standards.

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Want to work as an insulator?

We talked to Lasse Birkenes who is responsible for insulation in StS about why work with insulation.

What does it mean to work as an insulator?

The insulator works with insulation of pipes, ducts, tanks and equipment in industry, at oil and gas installations, shipyards, commercial buildings and renewable industry. The profession is suitable for you who like a varied and challenging profession. You must like to be in physical activity.

The tasks are very varied. From installation of insulation on pipes and tanks to workshop work where parts are made for installation.

You must be structured and accurate in the planning of the work. StS has a high focus on health, environment and safety in the execution of the work.

Why work with this subject?

The insulator subject is a very important subject within energy saving in industry, commercial buildings and the offshore industry.

This is a future-oriented industry with a high focus on energy saving and the green shift. StS offers and develops environmentally friendly products that contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Why work with Insulation in StS?

Much of our business is based on travel jobs. You get to experience many different projects at several different locations both onshore and offshore. StS offers varied projects where you can develop within the subject. There are also opportunities to develop in our other subjects. We value interdisciplinary competence and will help you with competence-enhancing measures. We have one of Norway’s best training centers where various course activities take place. Today we have many supervisors, engineers etc who have made the development ladder in StS. We have long seniority and a high well-being factor.

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