Positive pressure habitats

StS Habitat offers leading welding habitat solutions.

In a positive pressure habitat, the overpressure is used to prevent ingress of potentially explosive substances and gases.

Hot work, such as welding, grinding, cutting, sandblasting and metallisation, can therefore be carried out in areas otherwise considered as hazardous. This allows the execution of hot work during regular operation of oil and gas related installations and plants.

We provide scalable and flexible solutions, from the most basic to the most advanced, which permits all hot work to be performed in a timely manner in any situation and to every clients’ specifications.

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Open day

StS had official opening of our new facilities with demo`s and presentations of our services. We presented our Generation 3 habitat solution.

StS is the only company to provide this solution. The solution is based on continuous development since we started with habitat solutions in 1997.

In Generation 3, several habitats are linked to one and the same system-shared switching of ignition sources. All equipment connected to all systems is stopped and alarms go off in all habitats. Ex. At 3 habitats, there will be 12 deployed gas detectors that trigger all ignition sources in use.

Demo of StS habitat Gen. 3

StS Habitat Gen 3

In case of gas detection in one of several fans, the fan in question will stop. The other fans continue to supply overpressure to their habitat. All equipment connected to all systems is stopped and alarms go off in all habitats. If emergency shutdown is enabled, all equipment connected to all systems will be stopped and alarms will go off in all habitats, while the fans will continue to provide air in the habitats.


Linked habitats

Riser Change at Troll B with linked habitats

In case of pressure drop in one habitat, all equipment connected to this system will be stopped and alarms will go off in all habitats. Fan will offset the pressure drop and produce more air for this habitat. Other habitats are not affected by this pressure drop.
Generation 3 has automatic overpressure adjustment. This provides a stable habitat with a good indoor climate for welding. Experience shows that there is little danger of welding failure and thus less burn time.

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