StS recruit future competence- CAREER

StS is proud of the fruits we reap after many years of tireless work on competence development and the focus on youth in recruitment.

A collaboration between Nav Vestland and StS leads to young people getting straight to work after a three-week course. On the last course held in February, there were 13 participants. The courses are part of the Coperation on Inclusion, a common social mission to get more people into work.

After completing the course, everyone was offered a job. This story was published on March 19 this year. Read more about the story here:

Alle fikk jobb

One of the partisipants was Benjamin Brandt Falbach (20), a trained stockbroker who had been seeking employment for six months. After only three weeks he was offered a permanent job in StS.


Based on this success story, a new job fair with accompanying courses is planned for the autumn. StS hopes to hire more dedicated young people and provide them with valuable and relevant training in the ISS subjects. Both scaffolding and rigging courses are planned.

According to Managing Director Ingrid Solheim, the entire industry is struggling with a shortage of qualified labor. Then it is good that we can cooperate well with NAV, which strengthens the recruitment of young people to the ISS industry.

StS has very loyal employees who value the good development opportunities and long-term career planning in the company. We want to be a safe employer and a workplace where employees can further expand and strengthen their expertise, even outside their primary areas of responsibility. StS training and competence center is developing more and more courses to meet the need for new expertise.

We have educated youth and apprentices and given them professional competence for almost 50 years and have had many initiatives for competence development in our subjects. One example is the collaboration with schools and colleges on higher education for the ISS subjects. The result was the technical technician study “Mechanical Engineering with ISS subjects” at Bergen Technical College (BTF) in 2010.

StS is an approved training company and has a plan for intake of apprentices. See vacancies here Career