StS Fagstillas is sold

The owners of StS gruppen AS’s sister company StS Fagstillas AS have today entered into an agreement on the sale of their shares. The shares have been sold to NSE Gruppen AS with Nils-Olaf Evensen as a part-shareholder.

The sale has come about as a result of Nils-Olaf Evensen approaching retirement age. The StS group thanks Nils-Olaf for a good and constructive collaboration over several years.

In connection with the sale, Evensen will take on the role of acting chairman. The company gets Herman Thon as its new general manager. He takes office on 1 January 2023.

The employees of StS Fagstillas AS will remain in the company, which is now entering the NSE group and changing its name to NSE Fagstillas AS. For the company’s employees, there will be no changes to further operations in ongoing projects.

During a transition period of two months, personnel will continue to use existing work clothes/vehicles etc. until the practicalities have been arranged. new logo on clothes and equipment.

For employees or customers of the StS group, the sale of the shares in StS Fagstillas AS will have no practical significance.

OBO AS, which is the parent company of StS gruppen AS, has no plans to sell StS gruppen AS.