StS Course Center re-opens

The StS Course Center re-opens.

The Course center has been temporarily closed due to the Covid 19 virus.

We are pleased that we can re-open the course center again. Rope Access courses start Friday. 22. of May.

StS Course Center

We will have weekly courses to cover the backlog of the period we have had to keep closed. We are pleased to finally be able to re-use the industry’s rawest training center.

StS has Norway’s most authentic course center in Rope access technique. With a ceiling height of 12.7 m, participants get a realistic approach for climbing on plants in operation.

StS Course Center also offers courses in suspended (Hanging) scaffolding.

Read more about all our courses and sign up here:

We had official opening of our new facilities last fall. Read more about the opening here: StS Official opening of new facilities

StS is an approved industrial rope access training company for both the NS 9600 standard and IRATA. The course center also offers courses that meet new requirements in the Regulations for Hanging Scaffolding.