Sotrasambandet- Transport construction

Our customer since the 80s – Coast Center Base (CCB) has made a great video about their commitment to the Sotra Samband project. CCB has offered its services to Norway’s largest transport contract, RV 555.

New Sotra connection will solve bottlenecks and will be a great improvement for road users to and from Øygarden municipality and Bergen municipality. The fact that the entire project is gathered in one contract means that this will be the largest construction contract so far in Norway! Read more about the project here:

CCB and its partners have heavy expertise and a unique infrastructure that can be useful in such a project. Read more about CCB and the Sotra Samband here:

Coast Center Base

CCB base. photo by Morten Wanvik

The contract will be awarded in the summer of 2021 and StS is included as one of CCB`s subcontractors.

StS has provided ISS services to CCB since the early 1980s. We have solid experience of assisting in large rig projects. Read more about the collaboration between StS and CCB here:  1980: the start of StS and CCB cooperation

The projects are often characterized by short and extensive rig assignments where you must be flexible and able to staff up and down in a short time. It can be compared to an intensive shutdown. We have gained invaluable experience in complementing each other and clearly see that this is valuable towards a giant project such as the Sotra Samband.

Watch the film here: