Scaffplanner- The result in AdO arena!

Effective tool in project for Bergen Municipality.

After the task of 3D modeling of scaffolding solution to the project in the AdO arena was handed over to the technical department, and the technical department presented its proposal for a solution – we can now present the result from AdO!

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Scaffplanner- Effective tool in project for Bergen Municipality- AdO

Scaffplanner- the solution

We talked to StS site manager for the project Bjørn Sommer and with scaffolding builder Jonas Kalleklev to hear from them how they have experienced the implementation based on the 3D drawings from the technical department.

Scaffolding in AdO arena

Bjørn Sommer and Jonas Kalleklev in AdO arena.

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The Scope of Work

Bjørn Sommer

My name is Bjørn Sommer, am Site Manager at CCB and have the daily management on this project in the AdO arena for StS’s scope of work.

It is a very exciting project that we have received. We have been on inspections with measurements of engineers in the StS group who have measured the entire scaffolding in 3D.

Very exciting because it is the first time, I am involved in such a project where we will work from 3D drawings.

The surveying process went very well. We have had a very good dialogue where we asked detailed questions to those who prepared the 3D model. And it worked very well.

The challenge

The challenge for this project in the AdO arena is that it is very time-critical due to international conventions and that we will work in teams with other subjects. HSE is very important, that we do not harm ourselves and other people.

Here I have with me Jonas Kalleklev, who has been involved in the project from the start and can feel free to tell a little about what it was like to work from the 3D model made on the scaffolding. Whether it went painlessly or whether there were any challenges.

Jonas Kalleklev

It was very important to set a proper bottom when we started – to get between all the diving boards in the different heights. There were some challenges in the beginning, but in the end, it was very good. Then we first built up to the top of the stairs so that those who were to work could start. Then we built gradually and had floors laid over so that they could start working safely. That there was no danger of falling objects.

Bjørn Sommer

Barriers were created so that it was possible to work in several levels and side by side with other subjects. We had to build up 5 meters first so that we got up to the level where the masons were to start.

How did it go?

Bjørn Sommer

It has gone incredibly well with a good collaboration, we talk well together. As Jonas says it is the 3D model – it was actually very good according to the guys who have worked with it.

There are some challenges all the way and there are always solutions you must take on site in collaboration with those you build for. By and large, it has been a very good result considering the time we have had – the time window – then we have managed it in an incredibly good way. Huge effort by all those who have been and assembled.

The logistics

Bjørn Sommer

Can mention a bit about the logistics of this project here – we got lists of the 3D model with materialists. We passed over to see if everything was as it should be. We started a good week before the project was to start transporting material in a safe and secure manner. We had to take into account the surface here and there was an incredible amount of bearing.

So then Jonas can tell a little about how he experienced the job around logistics

Jonas Kalleklev

It actually went very well. We were assigned plywood boards that we have laid out all the way so as not to damage the substrate. There is quite a lot of equipment that has been driven in here, so it was important to get most of what we were going to start with into the hall itself.

Bjørn Sommer

In total, there are around 12 tonnes inside the hall here. So there are huge amounts with lots of components. Those who have done this job have really worked hard.

The result

Bjørn Sommer

The construction has gone according to plan and the whole project is very good and when we get so far that we shall dismantle the scaffolding, it will go painlessly too! We work well according to the plan that has been laid.

Jonas Kalleklev

I think it has gone very well – and I feel we have stayed well within the time schedule we have been given – so very pleased!