Rolemodels- through thick and thin!

At StS ’50th anniversary in March this year, we highlighted our role models. There are many of them! The common denominator is that they have been employed for a long time and are loyal to the company.

They have stood by our side in good and bad times.

We have a good example of good role models in this three-leaf clover!

The starting point for the picture in this video is in 1989 where these three guys reluctantly posed in the canteen at Oseberg field center. Over 20 years later in 2010, they were gathered again in the same place and in the same order! You just had to take a picture of it. Now in 2022, 12 years later, they are once again gathered around the table! This time the occasion was StS ’50th anniversary.

From left: Trond Schive, Bjørn Sommer and Frode Bødtker.

Times are changing and you who have been the core of StS for many years have taken the younger generation with you. You have given them good training and been good role models.

Taught them that to take care of each other and pull the load together. It has an invaluable value – so thank you so much for the trust you have shown us!

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