Renewable Energy – StS candidate as rolemodel in the project”energycountry”- portrait of Christine Bartz

The traditional oil and gas industry in Norway is changing. Knowledge, technology and capital are now also aimed at renewable energy and solutions that contribute to global emission reductions. The petroleum industry is transformed into an energy industry, and, like all other industries, they are struggling for the future labor. To succeed in the work towards the low and zero emission society, innovation, creativity, technology and new business models are needed.

Bergen chamber of Commerce together with the energy industry, the public and trade unions have launched a pilot project aimed at secondary school students in Bergen. They offer the schools a teaching day where the students gain insight into the energy and the importance of energy production for our country and for sustainable development.

The “energy country project” has prepared an education program which aims to give the youth actual information and create good debate around the energy country in Norway. How did we become an energy nation? What are the challenges in energy and climate today? How should we meet the energy transformation and sustainability goals? How is the future of the energy country? What are the job opportunities in the energy industry?

Now the project pilot is out in three schools to complete a full-day education program. The ambition is to visit all 9th ​​classes in Hordaland during the project.

The industry is genuinely concerned about the recruitment and has for almost two years been working on a scheme where all the upper secondary schools in Bergen are visited. The interest in working in the industry is considerably greater if there are young people from the industry who run a full day at each school about the energy industries.

A program has been developed for school visits with educational programs, films and website commissioned by the resource group.

Last week, the program was presented to 150 teachers in Bergen, and received only positive feedback. They would like to have the industry in their school.

The role models set aside up to 5 working days for this during a school year, paid by the company.

Christine Bartz, Skilled Scaffolder and rolemodel for the project “Energycountry”


We asked Christine Bartz if she would like to take the challenge – and she did that on the spot!

Who is Christine Bartz? Below you can read a short portrait of who she is, what she is working on and what she dreams of.





















Portrait of Christine Bartz


Can you tell us a little about yourself?


Christine Bartz, 30 years of age, skilled scaffolder with competence as Habitat operator and Rope Access Technique. I have worked for StS since January 2017. Went to high school at

“Fyllingsdalen videregående”, football academy and sports.

Started working as a scaffolder in January 2011 at Mongstad. Went to my first trip offshore at “Statfjord C” and have been to various installations like “Troll”, “Åsgard”, “Gjøa” and “Kristin”.

Graduated as skilled scaffolder in 2016.


What are your most important tasks and what is exciting with your job?

I build scaffolding where ever needed. I work every day to learn something new, there is always something to learn so i ask my collogues a lot of weird questions. Sometimes they tell me i mumble too much, but basically, they think it’s nice when i ask questions and talk to them.

What is exciting about my job is that there is something new every single day, it`s always something to learn even if one has taken a certificate. One never stops learning.

Latest project was at Ågotnes at Coast Center Base (CCB). I worked as a foreman at Deep Sea Atlantic. It was a very exciting challenge as a got to test myself. At present i`m expecting my first child and hence are not working “in the field” However, I am working on the project “Energycountry” that is a project run by Bergen chamber of Commerce. Together with other companies in the Oil & Gas industry, I get to meet students to tell them and teach them about Renewable energy.


What are your dreams?

My dream is to work with people like today, in this profession as well as a career in the fire department. I work hard to achieve my goals and look forward to the future ahead!