Lambda easyFlex Pipe Penetration Seal (PPS)

Lambda easyFlex Pipe Penetration Seal (PPS)

Lambda easyFlex Pipe Penetration Seal (PPS) is a custom-made system designed to seal pipe penetrations in A and H classified bulkheads and decks.

Lambda easyFLEX PPS is flexible, easy to install and makes inspection and maintenance efficient. There is no curing time, and the system can be installed on one or both sides of the deck or bulkhead depending on requirements.

Lambda easyFLEX PPS is tested and certified by DNV GL for classes A0, H0, A60 and H60. The system has also been tested for jet fire with a heat load of 250 kW/ m² (ISO 22899-1).

Many of the installations on the NCS have our Lambda easyFLEX PPS as part of their topside Passive Fire Protection system (PFP). Some of our recent large projects include Aasta Hansteen and Martin Linge.

Key Product Benefits

  • HSE: No toxic ingredients, no ceramic fibers
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Extreme performance
    • Slim building
    • Low weight
    • High Impact resistance
    • No Water absorption
  • No maintenance
  • Easy to install, remove, inspect, and re-install
  • Prefabricated solution → low installation cost
  • Single or Multi-Penetrations
  • Tested for blast overpressure up to 1.2 bar
  • Weatherproof material testing
    • Norsok R-004
    • IACS UR S.14.2.3


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