Portrait- Vegard Kolle Kleivane

Vegard Kolle Kleivane is recently employed as an insulation engineer in i StS

Vegard has a Bachelor in Production Engineering. Production engineering provides an interdisciplinary education in the border areas between technology and engineering, economics and administration.

We welcome Vegard to the StS team and had a little chat with him to get to know him a little better.

Ingeniør Isolering

Vegard Kolle Kleivane

Who are you?

My name is Vegard, I am 25 years old and have recently been employed as an insulation engineer. I come from Bjørnefjorden Municipality where I was born and raised. I now live in Bergen where I have family, girlfriend and friends.

Have completed the bachelor’s program Production Engineering at Høgskulen Vestlandet. In addition I have taken a certificate as an industrial fitter at FRAMO Fusa.

What do you do?

Have now been employed for a month as an insulation engineer in the technical department. I will work a lot towards the Lambda products that StS produces. So far, I have learned about the 3D modeling program Scaffplanner. With Scaffplanner you can better plan scaffolding, detect early phase errors and safeguard workplace safety.

My experience so far is that this is a very varied job with many different challenges – I do not think I will get bored!

I think there is a great breadth in the work tasks when I get to work with both insulation and scaffolding.

What project are you on now and how is it progressing?

I am currently in training. First and foremost, I need to familiarize myself with the system and procedures and get to know StS. There are many impressions and it seems very nice.

In the long term, the plan is to travel offshore and carry out surveys related to Lambda production and easyFLEX products.

What are your dreams?

Have just moved for myself and look forward to getting a proper foothold here in Bergen. Dreaming of getting started in my career. Develop and challenge myself as an engineer. Looking forward to developing StS together with my colleagues. Otherwise, I am very much looking forward to traveling again.