Portrait- Trond Hamre

Trond Hamre work as Insulation Engineer.

StS has assignments for Rosenberg on the Duva and Nova project for Neptune Energy. Trond Hamre work for StS at Rosenberg site as Insulation engineer. Read more about the project here: DUVA AND NOVA PROJECT

We had a brief chat with Trond Hamre about his work in the project.


Trond Hamre

Who are you?

Trond Hamre 53 years old, born and raised in Bergen. The subject is Insulator. Have been in the subject for 24 years, of which 6 years in StS

What do you do?

Make job packages and order materials as well as weight calculation of insulation on lines for StS at Rosenberg Site.




What project are you on now and how is it progressing?

Work at Rosenberg site with the Duva, Nova, Mod and P1 projects. The work is progressing but some challenges due to changing of start dates which makes it difficult to plan job start. We find solutions to every challenge

What are your dreams?

The big lottery win and me sitting under a palm tree in warmer regions😊

Then I wake up and realize that it’s just to stay healthy, up and running and get back to work 😊