Portrait – Jannicke Eilertsen


Jannicke Eilertsen- HR consultant











Who are you?

Jannicke Eilertsen, 41 years. Am married and have 2 children aged 11 and 13 years. I am a trained graphic designer from the Mercantile Institute and work as HR consultant in StS.

What do you do?

From May this year, I work as an HR consultant in StS. I started as a HR coordinator at StS in 2012. Before that, I worked for a few years in the HR area. My main job as HR consultant is to employ new personnel. This involves everything from creating job advertisements, announcing vacancies and processing incoming applications until employment. I participate in planning and I attend various trade shows and conferences aimed at recruitment. In addition, I assist operations in personnel-related matters.

In addition to my daily work assignments, I also use my expertise in design and graphics by assisting the sales and marketing department. I like that a lot!

What I like most about my job is that there are so many different tasks. There are no days that are equal and time flies!

What project are you on now and how is it progressing?

Right now we are trying to recruit riggers for Kværner Stord for the Johan Castberg project. It is challenging because the labor market is very pressured and there is high activity throughout the industry – it is a daily struggle to get the right expertise.

We are in an exciting period now with contract award from Aker Solutions. Here there are opportunities for many varied assignments both on- and offshore. The advantage of working in StS is the good working environment and the varied projects we offer.

What are your dreams?

After 6 years as a personal coordinator, it was exciting to try something new. I am very happy with the job I have now. It’s a lot of new stuff to get into – but I like that. In my spare time I am busy with 2 active boys and a man who also works in Oil and Gas! We have just bought a cabin in the mountains and I look forward to spending quiet days there with the family.