Passed the subject test in insulation

I desember tok Nikita Suslov fagbrev i Isolering!

The professional test was carried out at StS’s newly opened prefabrication workshop for insulation solutions.

In this connection, we had a little chat with Nikita)

Fagprøve isolering

Nikita Suslov

First, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Nikita Suslov and I am 32 years old and have worked in the StS group since 2020. As a background I am a former concrete worker, but due to constant layoffs I chose to try something new. In 2015, I took an AMO course in insulation and encapsulation and started as an insulator. This is my 2nd diploma, so I think it will do for now)

What is your job?

I work as an insulator at Goliat and enjoy it there very well, I work both at prefab making parts and boxes and go out and assemble.

What are the most important tasks, what is exciting about your job?

I think it’s going very well and I really enjoy it, I work with good colleagues from whom I’ve learned a lot.

I work both on prefab and outside and assemble what I have made. Always dreamed of going offshore and at StS the dream came true and, in addition, professional development is of course the main goal!

I can certainly recommend StS to others, there are many job and course opportunities.

Can you tell us a little about the subject test?

The subject test went mostly well, but I felt real time pressure because you only have 40 hours in total for everything, but it went well in the end. 😊

Trying to get other colleagues out here to take professional certificates too 😉.

Thanks for the chat, Nikita!