Our Rope Access team is growing!

During the last year we have increased from 8-13 so-called RAT teams – that is, teams consisting of a safety supervisor, a level 1 access technician and a level 2 access technician.

StS Training center

Illustration photo from StS training center

Many of our rope access technicians have gone from level 1 to level 2 and several have gone from level 2 to level 3 and are registered as safety supervisor aspirants.


Right now,  there are several StS riggers being trained to RAT level 1.

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An access technician level 1

is usually the skilled worker who has received training and is certified according to NS-9600.

A level 2 access technician

is the safety supervisor`s assistant and has worked for a minimum of 500 hours and a minimum of 1 year as a level 1, as well as completed the RAT 2 course and is certified in accordance with NS-9600.

A level 3

is also the safety supervisors’s assistant, but also on the way to becoming a safety supervisor. The person must have reached the age of 22 and logged a minimum of 700 hours as level 2.

The safety supervisor

must have undergone an aspirant period of at least 1 year and have the entire training plan approved (valid proof of competence).

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