HSE and Quality

Our goals

StS has a clear HSE goal of 0 damage to people, material and the external environment.

Our HSE culture is based on inclusion where we jointly understand, communicate and handle all the risks our work causes. StS will achieve its goals by a visible and clear management that includes and involves our employees in our continuous improvement efforts and our security culture.

Compliance and leadership are key words in how we plan and implement our deliveries, both as teams and individuals. Precision and quality in everything we do will provide the foundation for delivering safe and good quality products.

Our clear objective is to deliver products and services free of damages, on time and with the right quality. We work continuously to improve, and always strive to offer innovative and cost effective services and solutions.

Our work regarding health, safety, the environment, risk and quality shall be a natural part of all work operations, from planning up to finished product, and has the same priority as other business areas. This involves a systematic focus on risk management to prevent and avoid injuries, serious incidents and work-related illnesses.

Policy documents

  1. Corporate policy – HSE and Quality
  2. Ethical rules

Approvals and certifications

StS has the following certifications and approvals of HSE and Quality Management Systems:


Ivar Myhre
HSE&Risk Manager

Telephone: +47 918 07 440
E-mail: ivar.myhre@stsgruppen.com


Øystein Ytrenes
QA Manager

Telephone: +47 951 65 571
E-mail: oystein.ytrenes@stsgruppen.com

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Ethical rules for StS

Purpose and scope

Our ethical rules set the basic principles for our personal conduct and business practices and constitute the framework that will ensure that we act in accordance with relevant legislation, internal guidelines and our core values; Reliable, Inclusive, offensive and Inspiring.

The ethical guidelines apply to all employees in StS and all who represent StS. This includes employees, board members, hired personnel, consultants and others acting on behalf of StS.


Our business


Trust is built through openness and honesty. In order to succeed in the long term, we must win our employees and customers trust through our integrity in words and actions. We do not promise anything we cannot hold and strive to win the trust of our customers, shareholders and colleagues by keeping what we promise.


Regular and frequent communication between managers and their employees is key to success. We will ensure that such communication, which usually occurs through meetings and orientations, covers overall strategy, long-term goals and short-term priorities. In addition to support in the form of newsletters, web pages, training and presentations from StS gruppen, the contact between managers and their employees will emphasize how employees contribute to reaching the company’s overall goals.

Human rights

StS gruppen supports and respects internationally recognized human rights and ensures that we do not contribute to human rights violations. StS gruppen does not accept conditions in the suppliers or customers’ activities that violate the UN Human Rights Declaration, for example child labor and forced labor.

Labor rights

StS gruppen supports and recognizes internationally recognized labor rights, including organizational freedom and recognizes the right to collective bargaining.

Equality, diversity and respect

StS gruppen wants an inclusive working culture and actively works to ensure a good working environment that is characterized by equality and diversity. StS gruppen accepts no form of harassment or discrimination based on gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political conviction, national or ethnic origin or other circumstances.

Health and safety

StS gruppen is going to work actively for an injury-free and health-promoting work environment that promotes a preventive safety culture. We plan and act to avoid injury and work systematically to handle risk. No activity is important enough to be carried out at risk of life and health. As a member of StS gruppen, you have the right to refuse to work in situations that may endanger life or health.

Environment and climate

StS gruppen takes responsibility for the environment through sustainable and long-term utilization of renewable resources. Our goal is continuous environmental improvement in our projects, products and services. We are actively looking for opportunities to reduce negative environmental impact in a lifetime perspective

Personal conduct


Employees and others representing StS gruppen shall safeguard the company’s interests and contribute to the achievement of the business’ goals and strategies. Each one should use their competence and position to ensure good processes by, inter alia, expressing – and listening to – disagreement before making decisions. In case of doubt, the manager should always be consulted in advance before making any decisions. When decisions are made, these must be followed loyally.

Confidentiality and mutual respect

We shall always respect the individual’s right to confidentiality regarding personal conditions – whether it concerns employees, customers, suppliers or other affiliates.

All employees have confidentiality regarding confidential conditions in the business.
StS gruppen’s employees must collect, store and use personal information as prescribed in StS gruppen’s guidelines and in applicable laws.

The company's property and assets

We are all responsible for safeguarding and using StS gruppen’s assets in a proper manner.
Use of StS gruppen’s assets is not allowed for personal gain.

Participation in other activities

We will not carry out any other paid work or operate private business to such an extent that it can negatively affect our obligations to StS gruppen as an employer.

Directorships outside StS gruppen shall always be approved by the management of the company.

This does not include non-governmental organizations if the employment is unpaid or that it does not constitute a conflict of interests.

Drugs/substance abuse

When working for StS gruppen we are not allowed to be affected by drugs.
When using drugs that can give substance abuse and are not prescribed by a doctor, the same rule applies. When work includes representation, travel, participation in courses, conferences and such, limited amounts of alcohol can be enjoyed when local customs and the occasion suggests. It is expected that all employees show moderation and have a behavior that supports the purpose of the event.

Data discipline

StS gruppen’s computer equipment, systems and networks are aids for performing the tasks that the individual employees are responsible for and we process and use the information in a responsible and professional manner. StS gruppen’s network shall not be used to acquire or attempt to acquire information that the employee is not intended to have access to.

Social media

StS gruppen is positive that the employees use social media. However, it is important to be aware that, as employees of StS gruppen, we ourselves are responsible for what we publish in social media. Published information that may be harmful to StS gruppen, colleagues or business partners may violate the duty of loyalty in the employment relationship.


We must have a good and healthy relationship with our competitors, and we shall always refer them in a respectful manner. In cooperation with competing companies, we should always be aware of which information we share.

Purchase of sexual services

The purchase of sexual services is prohibited by law in any country. Even in countries without legal prohibition, StS gruppen does not allow such activities in connection with work or assignments for the Group.
In this way, StS gruppen also contributes to the fight against human trafficking, which represents breach of human rights.

Business conduct

Corruption and bribery

StS gruppen disclaims all forms of corruption and unlawful measures that prevent freedom of
competition. We shall neither receive nor give bribes or other undue benefits for business or personal gain.

Fair competition

StS gruppen is of the opinion that competition is good for all business partners and wishes
therefore to help promote competition. The right to competition affects all sides of StS gruppen’s
business from suppliers to competitors and to customers. In all sections, StS gruppen must comply to the right to fair competition.

Gifts and representation

StS gruppen does not allow us as employees to accept gifts or participate in events that could affect objectivity and independence. Nor will we offer such to business associates. Participation in arrangements of business relations must always be clarified with the nearest leader.


Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that sensitive information and confidential information do not reach unauthorized persons. It may include information about security, individuals,
commercial, technical or contractual or other type of law protected information. The duty of secrecy also applies after the employment relationship with StS gruppen has been terminated.

Business partners and supplier

It is required that our business partners / suppliers act in accordance with standards that are in
in accordance with StS gruppen’s own ethical requirements. Agreements with business partners/suppliers must be in writing and provide a correct description of the relationship between the parties.

The agreed compensation must match the services performed and satisfactory documentation and accurate accounting must be available. StS gruppen expects fair competition in the market and requires the same from our suppliers. Selected suppliers should never be favored or given preference without it being based on what is best for StS gruppen.

External communication

StS gruppen’s reputation is based on our high credibility in everything we do. Our
Communication should therefore be based on openness, impartiality and timeliness, paralleled with compliance with confidentiality. Statements about the company to the media are made by the CEO or chairman.


Malpractice is a collective term for illegal or criminal offenses that are included in the term economic crime. Examples of this are financial adultery, fraud and maladministration, illegal price or market cooperation, corruption, accounting fraud, and failure to report such cases.
StS gruppen has zero tolerance in relation to fraud, and violations will be reported and followed up.

Correct accounting and reporting

We will show openness, verifiability and accuracy in all we do while we
comply with our duty of confidentiality. All accounting information must be correct, registered and posted in accordance with laws and regulations.

Reporting of deviations and violation of rules

StS gruppen’s corporate culture is based on openness. There must be acceptance to raise concerns and critical conditions. All employees are advised to report both suspicious cases and observed violations of laws, code of business conduct or other rules in StS gruppen. All employees are also advised to report instances where they are asked to perform actions that may lead to violations.

Deviations and violation of rules are to be reported to etikk@stsgruppen.com, where confidentiality will be maintained as far as possible.

StS gruppen will not tolerate any kind of negative reactions or attempts at retaliation against employees who in good faith have reported suspected breaches of the regulations. Those who put into effect such reactions will be faced with disciplinary action. The same goes for premeditated abuse of reporting routines.

In case of violation of laws, ethical guidelines or other directives, StS gruppen practices zero tolerance and will in this case initiate disciplinary action.


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