New hectic autumn for CCB

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The activity at ‘Coast Center Base’ (CCB) at Ågotnes has been high for long periods, and this autumn, the offshore center will be the workplace for a large number of StS employees.

Like last year and this winter, rig operator ‘Songa Offshore ASA’ has chosen ‘CCB’ as a partner for extensive refurbishment and maintenance work on the company’s rigs. The ‘StS Group’ performs scaffolding, rigging and transportation services in connection with major projects, alongside the company delivering coordinators and disciplinary leaders.

This fall the Ocean Ranger Platform ‘Songa Delta’ and the H3 platform ‘Songa Trym’ located at ‘Coast Center Base’ is up for upgrades, maintenance and contractual adaptations for new assignments.

‘Songa Delta’ first came to Ågotnes, and is probably finish first, while the work on ‘Songa Trym’ per August is scheduled for November.

Work takes place around the clock, and nearly 300 StS employees are currently linked to the assignments on the Songa platforms.

Giant scaffolds under ‘Songa Delta’

‘Songa Delta’, which, after the ‘CCB’ stay, has been rented for long-term drilling assignments for Statoil, is going to undergo very major reconstruction work:

-We have more than 200 men in total here, “said Leader Gaston Saavedra.

This is primarily rope access technicians and not least scaffolders, who have now built scaffolding under the entire topside of the platform. But riggers, dock personnel and logistics managers from ‘StS Group’ have been assigned tasks at ‘CCB’ in connection with the ‘Delta’ contact.

How long will this project last?

-I don`t know, but the work probably won’t be done before the end of October. After all, a new housing module will be installed in addition to the existing, which means that the support structure itself has to be reinforced. There has also been a need to repair corrosion damage at the exhaust pipe, and new blisters must be fitted. So, there are many and major jobs to be performed on the ‘Songa Delta’, summarizes Gaston Saavedra.

SpS classification and newly renovated housing section

Like ‘Delta’, ‘Songa Trym’ is contracted by ‘Statoil’ on long-term drilling contracts. The work on ‘Songa Trym’ also involves an SPS classification, the platform’s “EU-control”. This in contrast to the ‘Delta’ rig, which was classified as SPS during the ‘CCB’ stay earlier this year.

‘StS Group’ has supplemented some fewer employees at ‘Songa Trym’, but also site manager Arne Ludvigsen can report extensive work that probably will have a duration of three months in total.

‘StS Group’ now assists with rope access technique and scaffolding in connection with the installation of four new blister-tanks on ‘Songa Trym’. In addition, the entire living quarter will be completely renovated, which means that the parts of the platform’s bottom side which are just below the living quarter are provided with suspended scaffolding. This makes all pipes and switching points easily accessible.

Also, a handful of rope access technicians have been at work at ‘Songa Trym’, and Ludvigsen says that there will be a need for more professionals from this discipline when the inspection work starts for real.

In short, there is an increasing activity on ‘Songa Trym’ now, and it is expected escalation for StS personnel on both shifts summarizes site manager Arne Ludvigsen.

Many years of cooperation

Since 1973, ‘Coast Center Base’ (CCB) at Ågotnes in Fjell Municipality has built up an extensive facility providing offshore service and supply services, as well as technical maintenance for ships and rigs. ‘CCB’, which is just half an hour’s drive from Bergen city center, is the largest subsea community in the North Sea Basin and the main base for supply activities to ‘Statfjord’, ‘Gullfaks’, ‘Veslefrikk’, ‘Troll’, ‘Huldra’ and ‘Kvitebjørn’. ‘Coast Center Base’ has traditionally been an important partner for the ‘StS Group’.