New Contract Manager at StS- Portrait of Arve Samnøy

Our contract manager during the last 10 years, Brynjulv Rekve retires in June.

We are therefore pleased that we have got Arve Samnøy in place. He will eventually take over the baton from Brynjulv Rekve.

Arve has been CEO of Hummervoll Industribelegg since 2016. He has an exciting career where he has been sales and marketing manager at Hummervoll, in addition to experience from purchasing in FRAMO, sales and contract experience from Dräger Safety and STN Atlas Marine. Arve is engaged and has held several positions of trust, including as a board member of FROSIO. He is an educated electrical engineer with background from the Armed Forces.

We had a little chat with Arve and welcome him to the StS team!

Arve Samnøy

Who are you?

Am 49 years old, raised and living in the countryside, more specifically on Samnøy, an hour’s drive south-east of Bergen. Married and have two children, a girl of 16 years and a boy of 14 years. Like to be out in the nature a lot; hiking in the mountains, skiing in winter and otherwise socializing with family and friends.

What do you do?

I have just started in StS, and as mentioned, will take over the position as Manager Contract and procurement after Brynjulv, which will be an exciting but demanding task. Fortunately, I get a good overlap with Brynjulv until he retires at the end of June. The most important and at the same time most exciting thing about the job and the StS group is to understand the market and always be up to date on what is happening and to help us as a company win new contracts and deliver as expected.

What project are you on now and how is it progressing?

We are working with multiple requests for upcoming projects from our clients and partners. It is a challenging market with great competition, where we as a company should and must be the best at competence, quality, technical solutions and price.

What are your dreams?

In these times, I want Norway and rest of the world to return to the “normal” state as soon as possible. The time of the corona measures and restrictions that we are experiencing now is very challenging for each and one of us and the entire community.

Job-wise I hope and believe that I can help the StS group to continue to have great activity in the future with many projects in the oil and gas sector, but also within land-based industry, construction and public sector.