Meet the scaffolder Cesar

Why work as a scaffolder in StS?

We had a chat with Cesar, who works as a scaffolder in StS.

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Who are you and what is your job?

My name is Cesar, I am 26 years old and I am employed here in StS as a scaffolder.

What is your job about?

As a scaffolder, we create access to workers who will carry out different types of work and make it easier and safer for people to work.

What is the most important thing about your job and what do you find exciting?

The most important job for us as scaffolders is simply to make it safe for others to work at the workplace.

The most exciting thing about the job is simply the varied tasks. Get to be outside using your body, it’s physical and the days go by quickly!

What do you like best about your job?

The reason I like working as a scaffolder is that I get to participate in the planning of projects, work in a good environment and at the same time we have different tasks where we work at height, work on the ground and work on scaffolding. I also like the rotation arrangement where I have the opportunity to pursue my own hobbies.

Now I have taken a scaffolding and rigging course and at the same time am working on access techique. Then StS can use me for various tasks in the company.

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