Meet the insulator Patryk

Why work in StS

We had a chat with Patryk Legwinski, who works as an isolator in the StS group. He tells a little about his background and why he thinks it is good to work in StS.

Read and watch the entire interview here:

Patryk – 4K from StS gruppen AS on Vimeo.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Patryk Legwinski😊, I am 30 years old and work for the StS group

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

As a background, I have taken the scaffolding course and the rigging course at the StS group. Before this, I took a site test in my home country in the insulator subject.

What are you doing here at StS?

I work as an insulator here and insulate boxes in different class types and mostly I work with fire boxes.

How do you think it’s going?

I think this is going very well and I work with skilled people who teach me a lot.

I have learned a lot about insulation materials and different types of classes such as Favuseal and X3 mats. This is what I mostly work with.

Why have you chosen StS?

I work at prefab, which gives me beneficial experience that I can take with me out into the North Sea, because that is my dream job!

I think StS is a very good company that teaches you a lot and gives you more opportunities.

Would you recommend others to choose StS?

I recommend others to StS because of more course options and job opportunities. Just look at the StS website for vacancies!