Apprenticeship in StS

As an apprentice in StS, you will get a thorough education with varied work assignments. As StS has a variety of projects, you get to develop the full width of your profession. StS is an approved apprenticeship company for scaffolding, insulation and industrial painting.

Beneficial terms

As an apprentice in StS, you can rest assure that your health and safety are the highest priority. You also experience good working conditions.

Good working environment

StS emphasizes well-being and a working environment that takes care of each other.

The company also has good welfare schemes and arranges many leisure activities.

Good development opportunities

In StS you have many opportunities to further develop. The company facilitates many specializations.

At the initiative of the company, there is now also the opportunity to continue the professional career with a college study offering a dedicated specialization within the ISS subjects.


Do you want to become an apprentice with us? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Read more on the webpages of KIS – Corrosion, Insulation and Scaffolding branch of The Federation of Norwegian Industry:

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