Innovation- easyCAP

StS as a company’s strategy is to invest more in its own products, either through acquisitions, agencies or through its own innovation. easyCAP is an example of the latter.

StS will be the number one challenger in the ISS industry.

Innovation is important for creating and implementing a new idea. Innovation is the process of taking useful ideas and converting them into useful products; services or methods of operation.

StS easyCAP insulationStS easyCAP

In collaboration with Betech, StS has developed a completely new end cap for use on insulated pipes. The main purpose has been to develop at a product that prevents water penetration in order to minimize the cost and risk of corrosion under insulation. The fully developed solution also proves to be more flexible, as well as cost-saving compared to more traditional solutions, in other words a real kinder surprise. easyCAP can be used with many different types of outer sheaths.

The focus now is to sell our product into upcoming and existing projects. We have high expectations for this product and thank everyone who has contributed to the development phase.
Read more about easyCAP here: easyCAP- end termination for insulation systems.