GOLD HR recognition award – Bjørn Mundal

Bjørn Mundal in StS receives recognition from our Customer VÅR Energy

The background for the recognition is that he on the project Goliat, in connection with the dismantling of a scaffolding stopped the work when he observed that there were too many people around the work place. Vår Energi praises him for using the TIR safety tool actively and thus reducing the risk of an incident occurring.

“This shows that Bjørn Mundal is concerned about safety in his job everyday” as a result of which he has won the Production Operations Gold HR award for May 2021. ”

Quote: Tor Runar Søreide (VP Production Operations)

HMS prisDuring his solid career with us, he has worked on most projects StS has had assignments. He has worked as a planner on the Sverdrup and Dvalin project and as an ISO leader for a number of years for large and important projects.

He is a confident and competent role model and an important StS ambassador.

Many thanks to Bjørn Mundal who shows good HSE culture and understanding!