Fall rescue course for emergency preparedness at Goliat

3 good ISO ambassadors from StS are preparing to form emergency teams at Goliat!

Emergency preparedness team at Goliat

Fall protection course for emergency preparedness at Goliat

We meet them at the StS course center at Midtun. There is a lot of activity here today, with emergency courses, RAT courses and scaffolding courses. The latter trains outdoors in fantastic winter weather!

We had a chat with Ole Petter Årseth, Henrik Byberg and Bjørn Sommer. Ole Petter has worked at StS since 2006 and started a project on Melkøya. He has a skilled workers certificate in Surface Treatment and a Frosio certificate in surface and insulation.

Henrik Byberg has worked at StS since 2004 and has a skilled workers certificate in the Insulation. He will serve as foreman isolation.

Bjørn Sommer is a scaffolder and has worked at StS since 1981! Approaching 40 years of seniority! He has a certificate as a skilled scaffolder and has solid experience with many different assignments, on- and offshore.

We are talking about 3 very experienced specialists and fantastic StS ambassadors.

What role will you have Ole Petter?

I am an ISO leader in permanent rotation and form part of the emergency and rescue team at Goliat.

Has taken a lifeboat course and will work as a lifeboat driver when needed.

Are you looking forward to starting the project? What do you think is particularly exciting and good about us getting started?

New space and new people.

Ole Petter has been out at Goliath in December where he was through Christmas. The purpose was to get acquainted with the installation.

I was very well received and am left with a very good impression, says Ole Petter. Achieved a really good contact with Vår energi which has been very helpful.

The working environment seems great and there are good facilities, great common areas, cinema and gym and really good food. Christmas celebration was great. Santa came and everyone got Christmas presents, Christmas dinner and Christmas mood! My experiences regarding infection control is that it is well taken care of. The celebration was carried out departmentally with a 4-person table.

Henrik Byberg immediately got a very good impression and looks forward to starting work on Goliat.

What do you think are the biggest challenges?

Professionals are a scarce resource and it will be a challenge to get enough insulators. Fortunately, StS is a preferred employer and we are well placed to put in place the best in the market, says Ole Petter.

How do you think it is to be employed in StS?

All 3 are in agreement- We thrive very well! Why I ask that, because it is an incredibly good working environment, they answer. – It is good culture with an openminded environment where there is room for opinions. We are heard, there is personal contact and you understand that you are important to StS. It is very flexible if you have a need you will be heard. The employee is not just a number in the crowd, but a valuable resource that is valued for his efforts.

We have many nick names says Bjørn Sommer. For example. “Cola Kåre” He likes cola to put it that way. This is something that connects – we have a lot of humor and take care of each other. It’s teamwork and it always works.

Time to release them for emergency preparedness training. Thanks for the talk!