Join a technology that has a great future!

RegioX and StS have signed an agreement on ownership and strategic cooperation. RegioX simplifies visualization, analysis and access to projects with complete geodata, analyzes and models.

Read the press release here: RegioX and StS in strategic cooperation

For StS, the ownership is in line with our strategy to invest more in digitization and to complement the total solutions we offer.

Earlier this summer, StS held a workshop together with RegioX to gain better insight into services and technology and current collaborative projects in the short and long term.

Watch a short clip from the workshop here:

RegioX from StS gruppen AS on Vimeo.

We looked at possibilities and solutions with the use of drones together with self-developed software for effective control and documentation of the condition. Our common focus areas are map surveying, construction, infrastructure, oil and gas and wind turbines.

Read more about RegioX here: