Back in StS- interview with Gaston Saavedra, Engineer and planner

Technical manager in StS Lasse Øvreås had a chat with Gaston Saavedra who recently started working for StS. Gaston is employed in the technical department as an Engineer and planner.

Gaston has been employed by StS before as well, in the period 2005-2016.

We are happy to have Gaston back on the team!

Listen to the interview here:

Gaston has been at work for 1 week and we wonder if he can tell a little about his background so technically.

I started in the industrial painting profession in 1987 at Stord, have worked as an industrial painting profession for many years and have gradually gained competence in Scaffolding. Have taken Frosio in Surface and Insulation.

I feel that i have good competence in the subject and enjoy it very much.

So technically, do you like digitization and robotics?

I’m passionate about it! I am very concerned with taking care of our health and how we look at the methods we have used for many years. Have been very involved especially in the use of robots in pre-treatment and make it a little easier for the operators. Have focused a lot on it in recent years. I am very interested in the solutions available on the market.

You are employed in the technical department of which is a small group in StS that mainly supports projects. We do not have such completely fixed tasks, it is a bit like that when someone has questions and challenges, customers who come up with some difficult and interesting tasks – that is when we step in. How do you think about working like that?

I am really exited! Looking forward to being able to contribute – I have a lot of experience and at least in this week i have been on that team here, I see that there is a lot of teamwork. It’s something i like to be a part of. A good team that works together and finds solutions together and discusses together. It is an important role and it is important that everyone contributes with the knowledge they have.

I reckon, since you have worked here before and have for many years had contact with some of those who work here. It is a work environment that you are well known in-

Yes, i was employed at StS for 12 years – and i must say that it’s a little good to be back.

Do you have any dreams?

When it comes to the job in StS, i want us to create more jobs and safer jobs for all of us and otherwise peace in the world! We need that now – these are tough times for the whole society, both here and especially in Ukraine!

Yes, that’s right. One thing is that it is terrible and it also affects us in the industry, because things do not get easier. And after a pandemic and with this as a follow-up it makes things extra difficult.

But it is also the case that in StS we have some strategies. We like to think 5 years ahead. Entering new markets, how do you envision working and contributing on that side?

I look forward! I have managed to build up a network that I want to use for StS and what is the reputation and reputation that StS has – to use it to get us into other markets and not just focus on Oil.

It is important in the long run, even though there will probably be some good years in Oil and Gas, it is important to have business in several industries going forward the next in 5-7 years. It is important to use the time well.

Then i just want to warmly welcome you and we look forward to the continuation.

Thank you😊