Portrait – Alexander Torsvik

Alexander Torsvik

Who are you?

Alexsander L. Torsvik, 31 years old and have worked in StS since 2012. Graduated as skilled worker in scaffolding in 2015 and have worked with scaffolding for 10 years. I am the club manager in the StS union club and member of the board of directors in Department 5 in the trade union.

I have had 17 positions in the trade union the past 6 years. I began as a safety delegate and a site union representative at Stord in 2013, came in as an ordinary board member of the club, was elected for the youth representative for one period, then as a secretary, then the deputy chair and finally also chairman. I have been in the Youth Committee in department 5 as an ordinary member. Elected as secretary, then deputy chair also chairman. Ordinary board member of the youth committee at the trade union district office, elected as secretary, then deputy chair also chairman. I was elected to be the main safety delegate in the period 2015-2017 and have been a safety delegate from 2013. But with effect from 18.02.2019, I have decided to resign as a safety delegate.

What do you do?

I work as a skilled scaffolder and have been the club leader since the summer of 2018. I was elected for 2 years at the annual meeting of the club on 08.03.2019. As a club leader, my most important tasks include improving pay and working conditions for the members of the company club, responding to inquiries and promoting matters raised on behalf of the members. My working days are very exciting and varied. It is exciting and interesting to practice law and contract, I have learned a lot and still have much more to learn. As a scaffolding worker, there is always something new to learn and not least many colleagues to get to know. In StS we have a good working environment and cohesion, and I enjoy it very well.

What project are you on now and how is it progressing?

I have been working at CCB base lately, recently on West Mira project, which is undergoing renovation and will be the world’s first hybrid floating rig. This is a development that is good for the environment and an industrial development that is built on the shoulders of the old rig. As a club leader, I now work with a referral campaign for new members. Everyone who recruits a member gets an attention and the 3 who recruit the most members get a great gift from trade union.

Furthermore, I work with the club structure. The club is a driving force when it comes to put in place a skilled certificate for riggers, where we would like input from you who have the knowledge, what should be the basis for a training plan and what should be included in the curriculum, which elements are important to bring with them and your thoughts on execution.

This is part of the academic political position in my office and it is good to have something to feel passionate about.

One of several activities in the club apparatus now, is the union representative course for the entire club board.

What are your dreams?

My personal dream is to get better pay and working conditions for everyone. I want to start a family, but all in good time (I`m not in a hurry.)

Career-related, I have dreamed of becoming both a skilled worker and a club leader, so now I look forward to doing my best for the club.