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2011: StS focuses on NDT – a strategically important discipline

In mid-April, Anko AS and StS Engineering signed an agreement to acquire Ankos NDT business. The StS group has delivered NDT services since 2007. Now this part of the business is transferred to StS engineering. At the same time, the acquisition of’ Ankos NDT business adds long-term additional capacity and special expertise. The acquisition marks a long-term strengthening of the company’s NDT commitment.

The road ahead for StS implies an ever-increasing competence building within more advanced technologies and services.

A total of 12 NDT inspectors from Anko became StS employees when the two companies entered into the agreement.

-Because of increased assignments, we have already employed several NTD inspectors. This is a very fortunate development, says CEO Sverre Hauge in StS engineering as.

However, he is not surprised over the increased demand for NDT, or Non-Destructive Testing, a collective term for a variety of testing methods that detect material defects without damaging the test object:

-We have for a long time worked on building our NDT department in the StS Group, and only a few weeks after the acquisition our old and our new NDT environment complement each other optimally.

The acquisition also means that we are now established with a branch office in Stavanger says Sverre Hauge.

Acquisition after cooperation

After a long period of cooperation, Anko and StS group found that StS Engineering would have better prerequisites for further development of the NDT business, while continuing to drive the high level of service Anko AS has been known for.

Chief Executive Officer Ove Svalland in StS Group views the acquisition as an important part of the StS Group’s strategy to further develop the product and service specter, a vision that Sverre Hauge fully shares:

-«NDT and inspection naturally coincide with the other business in the StS group. It is obvious that the NDT business has synergies with the traditional ISS services, whether it’s measuring paint layers and checking weld seams or relating to access technology.

In the short and medium term, it is important to provide services that require more expertise and technology. StS Engineering will be one of several tools to accommodate this development. ”

We are also pleased that we have personnel with recognized expertise in the industry. For example, Reidar Faugstad and Arve Hovland have both backgrounds from the board of directors of the Norwegian Association for Non-Destructive Trials, the national NDT organization, a satisfied general manager Sverre Hauge concludes.