ansaTekt – serious about safety

Product development based on demand is an important element in the company’s innovation strategy.

StS gruppen offers an extensive range of insulation products, purpose-made to meet the requirements of the oil and gas sector as well as the shipping industry. In the development process, the company has focused on performance, functional design, robustness and durability.

The name of the product ranges are derived from the Old Norse and reflect StS gruppen’s philosophy of product development and supply of services.

ansaTekt consists of the terms “ansa” (to care) and “tekt” (safety).
ansDur is a combination of the terms "ans" and "dur" (silence).

The ansaTekt product range

  • Fire insulation
  • Thermal insulation boxes and jackets
  • Exhaust dampers
  • Manometer covers
  • Shock-absorbing pads
  • Permit to Work folders
  • Bespoke solutions

The ansaTekt product range

  • Acoustic insulation boxes and jackets
  • Noise reduction curtains
  • Sound baffles
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