StS gruppen considers HSE to be an integral part of every work operation, and the area is to be given the same priority as any other business strategy. 

The aim is to ensure a safe, healthy and inspiring work environment for all employees.


In StS gruppen, health-promoting work and safety-related HSE activities are of equal importance. Implementation of preventative measures in connection with work-related illness is an ongoing process. The company has, in collaboration with the Occupational Health Service, put initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle on its agenda.


StS gruppen actively promotes the use of eco-friendly products and solutions. Operators are heavily involved in the environmental work, which are to benefit employees as well as the community.
As a testimony to its commitment to the environment, the company has attained certification in accordance with the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2004.


The company’s HSE activities are strongly anchored in the ”zero philosophy”, and StS gruppen attaches major importance to risk management procedures and safety-barrier awareness at every level of the organisation.

Collaboration with specialists and safety representatives ensures continuous focus on improving work procedures and achieving the highest standard possible in terms of protective equipment.

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