StS gruppen does not use, disclose or exchange any personal information about visitors to the website in any other other than described here. With the exception of the anonymous information passed on to Google Analytics, your information will under no circumstances be disclosed to other organizations or businesses. This privacy policy provides an overview what what kind of information is collected and how this information is processed.


When filling out a form, information you provide is stored in a database. This enables StS gruppen to ensure that you receive the information you have asked for. At the same time, the company can analyze trends regarding the use of the website.

When you open a user account, the information you provide is stored in a database as well.


Cookies are a standard technology used today by virtually all websites. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you download a web page and will in most cases provide you with a better user experience.

NB! By using you agree to that cookies are used in your browser.

This is a list of the types of cookies used on the website, and how information is treated.

Session cookies

These cookies are used to store information temporarily in a session. Websites have no memory. Session cookies make it possible to monitor how users navigate through the website, so they are not prompted for the same information multiple times, e.g. at logon.

Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

Form cookies

These cookies store information temporarily until the user has completed the form. The stored data is only used to enter information in the form again if the user fails the SPAM check or did not fill the required fields in the form.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are not deleted after the browser session has ended and allow the website to recognize your computer. Persistent cookies can typically contain information about authentication, language settings and menu preferences. These cookies can be deleted manually in the browser under privacy settings.

Google Analytics

Cookies from Google Analytics collect information about usage patterns, including information about which site the user comes from, what keywords users have used to locate the page, how visitors use the website, the number of times a user has visited the site and how long users stay on the site. This information does not contain user-specific details and is used for statistics purposes. The last part of the IP address is removed as required by law in most countries.

If you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics at all, a browser add-on is available at

Preference cookies

These cookies store information such as language, browser or font. These settings are stored permanently so that the user does not need to adjust these settings at every single visit.

Poll cookies

These cookies ensure that users do not vote more than once.

Flash cookies

Flash Player uses Local Shared Objects (LSO), known as Flash cookies, so the user can take advantage of features such as automatic resumption or storage settings. Flash cookies are stored on a user's device similar to cookies, but they are administered differently in the browser.

You can also disable Flash cookies.  On Adobe's website you will find information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies for a particular domain or for all websites.
For more information, please visit Se


Please note that if you opt out of or remove Flash cookies, this may affect the features available in Flash-based applications.

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